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We're a team of backend developers and our main job is to develop and keep alive our very own cluster of 300+ micro-services, handling 1+ million incoming messages a day, all written in Elixir and running on AWS.
In our day-to-day work, we actually do all the buzzwords the tech community likes to use: responsive, distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant, asynchronous, micro-service, FP, etc. So if you're interested in seeing how it is done, or if you already have experience in this field and you can help us do better, you're just the person we're looking for!
Backend jersey

What you'll be doing

Our tech stack

We write our micro-services in Elixir language
We use Kafka for everything
We "live" in AWS, and orchestrate with Kubernetes
We tend to use "the right tool for the job" approach, so you will bump into Elastic, DynamoDB, Clickhouse or Prometheus in our stack as well


Any level of experience (junior to senior)
Willingness to learn new things and to adapt to new surroundings
Independence, critical thinking and openness to new ideas and new ways of thinking


Previous experience in our tech stack

Why you'll love working here

Unlimited everything, as long as you get the job done

At Superology we strive to create an environment where everyone can deploy their talents. No strict policies, no questions asked. If we hired you, it means we trust you. And if you’re doing great, we’ll make you feel greatly appreciated.


No hard deadlines

We never burn the midnight oil. Everything can be postponed for a day or two.

Flexible work arrangements

Find your most productive surroundings, whatever works for you.

Unlimited vacation

We all work differently and rest differently. Take all the time you need to come back fresh!

Professional growth

Whether it’s conferences, office library or colleague coaching at Superology, we love to see you grow.

Equipment of your choice

When it comes to our people, we are big spenders. Pick all the top-notch tech stuff you might need.

No open space

All the peace and quiet you want, walls are the best. Doors too - not the band.

Recruitment process

Pre-selection based on your LinkedIn profile or CV. We are more interested in your experience and roles on previous projects than just your skills.
Meetup with our HR Manager and one of the seniors of your skillset. Expectations go both ways, so we make sure you leave having all of your questions answered.
After the meetup, you get a short task that shows your approach and way of thinking. No need to jump through hoops, just do your best!
We meet once again (live or in a call) to discuss the task and learn how you created the solution. If we’re on the same page, we’ll seal the deal very soon.
Welcome to Superology!

See yourself in this role?

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