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Superology is now Happening

Stay true to yourself, while delivering to millions

It’s exciting to work in a company that is changing the whole experience of a certain human activity. Sports betting has never been more engaging, more informed, more fun.
If you want to be a part of this success story and to work in an open, honest and flexible work environment, join us!

Why you'll love working here

Unlimited everything, as long as you get the job done

At Superology we strive to create an environment where everyone can deploy their talents. No strict policies, no questions asked. If we hired you, it means we trust you. And if you’re doing great, we’ll make you feel greatly appreciated.


No hard deadlines

We never burn the midnight oil. Everything can be postponed for a day or two.

Flexible work arrangements

Find your most productive surroundings, whatever works for you.

Unlimited vacation

We all work differently and rest differently. Take all the time you need to come back fresh!

Professional growth

Whether it’s conferences, office library or colleague coaching at Superology, we love to see you grow.

Equipment of your choice

When it comes to our people, we are big spenders. Pick all the top-notch tech stuff you might need.

No open space

All the peace and quiet you want, walls are the best. Doors too - not the band.

Superology has joined Happening in April 2023.
Here’s where you’ll find us from now on.

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What makes us SUPER

What makes us super
From our 2012 beginnings, we stayed true to a number of beliefs and practices that now shape Superology culture.


Our product is our brainchild. We are genuinely excited about it and love to see it prosper.


See something that can be fixed? Go for it. Have an idea? Share it.


We provide context but the goal and how to get there is up to you.


Own both your triumphs and mistakes. We respect that.

Open communication

Speak out. But also hear your teammates out.


We count on you to do the right thing even when nobody’s watching.
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